First Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation HyTra-1

in conjunction with the Workshop on Exploiting Synergies between Information Retrieval and Machine Translation (ESIRMT) at EACL-2012, Avignon: April 2012

Invited Speaker

Philipp Koehn (University of Edinburgh, Geat Britain)

The EACL 2012 HyTra workshop took place on 24th April 2012 at the EACL conference 2012 in Avignon. It aimed at sharing ideas among researchers developing and applying statistical, example-based, or rule-based machine translation systems and who wish to enhance their systems with elements from the other approaches. The joint workshop provided participants with the opportunity of discussing research related to technology integration and system combination strategies at both the general level of cross-language information access and the specific level of machine translation technologies.

HyTra Topics:

  • ways and techniques of MT hybridization
  • architectures for the rapid development of hybrid MT systems
  • hybrid systems dealing with underresourced languages and/or with morphologically rich languages
  • using linguistic information (morphology, syntax, semantics) to enhance statistical MT
  • bootstrapping rule-based systems from corpora
  • hybrid methods in spoken language translation
  • extraction of dictionaries from parallel and comparable corpora
  • machine learning techniques for hybrid MT
  • heuristics for limiting the search space in hybrid MT
  • alternative methods for the fair evaluation of the output of different types of MT systems
  • system combination approaches
  • open source tools and free language resources for hybrid MT

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