WP7 Declarative analysis grammar


The subject of this work package is to spell out a declarative grammar for Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch using the slot grammar formalism as introduced by McCord. Slot grammar is unification based and its structuring focuses on dependency, where phrases are analyzed into heads and grammatical roles -- so called (complement and adjunct) slots. The description of the syntactic structures is effectuated by the use of three types of declarative rules: by slot filler rules, which define the circumstances under which a specific phrase fills a slot of another (neighbouring) phrase (as a subject, an adjectival adjunct, a subclause etc.); and by two types of ordering rules for head-modifier relations and modifier-modifier relations. The set of these rules define the declarative part of the grammar. Therefore constructing declarative grammars for Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch means spelling out filler and ordering rules for these languages.