HyghTra -Workpackages

WP1 Corpus acquisition

Acquisition of parallel and comparable corpora

WP2 Basic dictionaries

Define morphologies for the new languages. Compile basic dictionaries with morphological classifications manually

WP3 Extend basic dictionaries

Extend basic dictionaries using parallel corpora

WP4 Improve dictionary coverage for single words

Improve dictionary coverage for single words using comparable corpora

WP5 Improve dictionary coverage for multi-word units

Improve dictionary coverage for multi-word units using comparable corpora

WP6 Cross-validate dictionaries

Cross-validation of dictionaries

WP7 Declarative analysis grammar

Set up declarative analysis grammar

WP8 Statistical dictionaries

Generate dictionaries derived from parallel corpora

WP9 Statistical MT systems

Build up phrase-based statistical MT systems

WP10 Dictionary integration

Integrate dictionaries into a declarative machine translation system

WP11 Test and train parser

In several test-and-train cycles, iteratively improve the parser

WP12 Generation grammar

Set up generation rules for new languages

WP13 Product specifications

Complete resources and specifications for new language pairs in the product line TranslateDictTM and Translate

WP14 Workshops on Hybrid MT

Conduct two international workshops on hybrid machine translation

WP15 Project website

Present information on the project